Key Takeaways From “Can You HEAR Me?” (Article From Autism Unit) (Extra Credit)

  • Korean culture used masked normally
    • when used in the USA, people looked at her strangely
  • Hard-of-hearing disability
    • difficult with not seeing lips
    • often needs someone with her to tell her what the
      dialogue is
    • note pad in her purse/ talk to text app
    • Hard-of-hearing & English is not first language
    • Cochlear implant surgery
  • Racial discrimination due to COVID
    • Covid = Chinese virus?
    • Harassment has increased since COVID
    • “Suddenly, [when the pandemic began] I started to not
      feel as safe. If you don’t feel safe in a place you call
      home, that’s traumatic” (Brown, 2020).
  • After COVID
    • build the world back by addressing the needs of all people
    • services should be reformed to serve Deaf & HOH
    • Accommodations help people reach their full potential &
      help society as a whole
    • more inclusive society

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