Thinking Through CripStudies 2.0: Art and Disability

In the webinar presented by Karen Nakamura and Sunaura Taylor, the section that stood out the most was the portion about art and disability. Various pieces were shown; however, the one that I found most intriguing was the one with the water and the trees. This piece represented an aquifer and a tree in the literal sense. In the disability aspect, it represented disabled people with crippled arms. It was described as the arms and the aquifer representing the same thing that they both have a purpose and are necessary, and I viewed the tree as a symbol of growth with its vast roots. In this, people with crippled arms have an absence of their arms fully serving their purpose, almost as if grasping for progress, but it is out of reach. This portrayal was very personal and intimate, as the darkness of the colors and the way the water and hands were drawn leave a residual sadness in anyone looking at the piece.

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