Delta Alpha Pi Induction Ceremony (Extra Credit)

Towards the end of Disability Awareness Month, I attended the Delta Alpha Pi Induction Ceremony. This Honors Society is specifically for honors students with a disability who agree to serve as role modules for other students.

To my slight surprise, the ceremony was run entirely by the Office of Disability Resources, rather than current members of the UMW Chapter. The ceremony began with opening remarks and information about the honors society and the UMW chapter. Then, each of the inductees recited the pledge as a group:

“I pledge to continue my pursuit of academic excellence, to demonstrate leadership in advancing the rights of individuals with disabilities, to serve as a role model for other students with disabilities, to advocate for myself and for other individuals with disabilities, and to assist with educational events through my active participation in Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society.”

Following the pledge, the inductees were called to the front one by one to receive their certificates and pins. The ceremony ended with closing remarks and a commemorative photo.

At a previous college, I helped to run an induction ceremony for the local honors society. As someone learning about Delta Alpha Pi for the first time, I was surprised and disappointed by the fact that the ceremony was not run by current members. I feel like this is a good opportunity to show your new members some of what you are about. However, since this group is so involved with the Office of Disability Resources on campus, this may not have been their choice.

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