Sample Home

This is a place to write information about this website.

This template is perfect for a course blog where students contribute posts, but as with any website on Domain of One’s Own, you can customize to your heart’s desire.

If you are coming from UMW Blogs, you now have access to any theme and plugin you want! There are tons of options, which is why this template has suggestions installed and activated for you. The WordPress Dashboard should look very familiar, since it’s the same!

Looking at the sidebar, there are 3 widgets:

  1. Recent Posts
  2. Text
    1. Links to a bunch of different resources across campus and for Domain of One’s Own
  3. Register/Login – (this is the Meta widget for those of you that are familiar). This is where people can add themselves to this site.

If these widgets aren’t applicable, then definitely go ahead and delete them.

This site is yours. Be creative!